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Neonatal incubator model line 4

ProductIncubator for intensive cares.

ProductOperation Mode Systems: Air Temperature Control (ATC) or Infant Temperature Control (ITC / Servo Controlled).

ProductIntegrated servo controlled humidification system, with programming up to 95% of relative humidity of the air.

ProductBalance integrated to the bed with weight indication on the incubator’s control panel, allowing the obtainment of X-rays, without the need of patient withdrawal.

ProductContinuous inclination mechanical system of the bed.

ProductSupport with rotating wheels for fixed or adjustable height.

ProductDrawer for placement of radiographic chassis.

ProductAlphanumeric display with simultaneous indication of the desired, air and patient temperatures, weight and relative humidity of the air.

ProductProduct certified in accordance with the norms: NBR IEC 60601-1, NBR 60601-2-19, NBR 60601-1-2 and NBR 60601-2-49.

ProductWide line of accessories.

Obs.: Some of the above mentioned items are optional.