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Neonatal incubator model 211

Premature newborns have more difficulty to keep
body temperature than the babies who are born within the
normal pregnancy time, because they have a larger body
surface in relation to their mass. Usage of thermal therapy
showed its usefulness in the increase of the survival rate
in low-weighted babies. Different kinds of equipment
were developed to keep appropriate temperature for
the newborns, such as the neonatal incubators and the
heated cradles. The neonatal incubators Olidef provide
a heated and stable microenvironment for the small
patients who need additional assistance in this critical
period in the beginning of their lives. This is high-tech
equipment that may be fitted with temperature, oxygen,
humidity and SpO2 control systems. Factors such as
quality, efficacy and easy usage are combined to satisfy
the user, offering total comfort to the small patients.