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Designed for oocyte retrieval procedures. Description: Bicarbonate and HEPES buffered medium containing Heparin and Gentamicin. Purpose: For oocyte retrieval and rinsing (follicle-flushing).


Implantation promoting medium for increased take-home baby rate. Description: Bicarbonate buffered medium containing hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin. Purpose: Medium for embryo transfer


G-1™ PLUS and G-1™ provides the carbohydrates, amino acids and hyaluronan needed to support the embryo during the first critical stages of development. Description: G-1 PLUS and G-1 are bicarbo


G-2™ PLUS and G-2™ provides the embryo with a wide range of amino acids and hyaluronan for optimised blastocyst development. Description: G-2 PLUS and G-2 are bicarbonate buffered media contain


A pH stable handling medium to support oocytes and embryos outside of the incubator. Description: MOPS buffered medium containing human serum albumin. Purpose: Medium for handling and manipulati

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