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Semi-closed Environment IVF

Semi-closed Environment IVF The Semi Closed Environment (SCE) - IVF is designed to provide a controlled environment for gamete and embryo handling. The SCE-IVF allows stress-free screening of oocyt

AVT Anti Vibration Table

Ambient low frequencies affect the field stability during high-magnification microscopy. The Anti-Vibration Table (AVT) features a passive damping mechanism to isolate the microscope from vibrations d

AirstreamĀ® Laminar Flow Bench

Vertical laminar flow workstation providing sample protection. It offers ISO Class 3 workzone with 10x efficiency of its HEPA filters. It has the latest generation of DC ECM motor to improve energy ef

Multi-Zone ART Workstation

Vertical laminar flow workstations with multiple heating zones that enable precise temperature control across the work surface, with the provision to have a built-in microscope and integrated MIRIĀ® c

Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II

Class II workstation can be utilized in handling gametes and embryos from patients with communicable diseases while providing sample, user and environmental protection. It has multiple heating zones t

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