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The bipolar Plug & Play solution Plasma EDGE:- * Specific currents under saline irrigation (TURP, TURB,VAPORISATION, ENUCLEATION), * Vessel Sealing (Secured Sealing with indica


Universal and complete generator : * 370W / Monopolar / bipolar / Touch screen, * Vessel Sealing / Thermocision / Plasma EDGE / ARGON Module, * 80 preregistered programms,


Versatile and cost-saving energy platform with Vessel Sealing system:- * 370W, Monopolar, bipolar, * Vessel Sealing system with acoustic validation signal at the end of the sealing cyc


low power energy platform:- * 200 W, monopolar, bipolar, * Ambulatory Surgery and minor surgery, * reliable, cost-saving and versatile

Bipolar Plasma Resection System

* Saline solution, * No superficial carbonizations and thermal damage, * Deep haemostasis for less post-op bleeding, * The tissues remain white and the solution clear after the

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