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Diamond Range

The Diamond Range is a fully interchangeable, internationally compatible laryngoscope system -Excellent fibreoptics and gold switch contacts & Five year guarantee on light guide, and lifetime guar

Premier Fibrelight

-- Brighter light, premium quality and performance for life† & Manufactured to ISO 9001 and EN 46001 & CE Marked & Lifetime guarantee† & Fast delivery from stock & Excellent fibreoptics and g

Adjustable Handle

-- Stubby design for use with any Premier Conventional ‘Hook-on’ blade & Four locked positions & Ideally suited for obstetric and other difficult intubations

McCoy Range

-- World leader for difficult intubation & Over ten years of refinement and experience guarantees performance you can trust & Available for Diamond ISO ‘Green’, ISO ‘Red’ and Premier Convent

Crystal® Disposable Blade

A low cost, superior solution designed to prevent cross-infection without affecting the clinician’s intubation technique -- Strong polycarbonate alternative to metal blades & High specific and g

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