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Tetric EvoFlow

Tetric EvoFlow is the top-selling flowable radiopaque composite in Europe. The product has undergone some changes, but is popular consistency remains the same. Tetric EvoFlow is flowable when desir

Tetric EvoCeram

Tetric EvoCeram, the composite restorative offering a balanced combination of properties, now available in new packaging. The tried-and-tested colour coding system based on the A-D shade guide has

Te-Econom Line

The Te-Econom Line is a coordinated product system for direct restorative therapy. It is composed of the single-component total-etch adhesive Te-Econom Bond, the flowable composite Te-Econom Flow and

Tetric N-Bond Universal

Tetric N-Bond Universal is a light-curing, single-component adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching techniques1. Take advantage of the exceptional potential of this product

Total Etch

Total Etch is an etching gel containing 37% phosphoric acid. Total Etch is used for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with sealants, composite restorations and the adhesive luting

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