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Helioseal Clear

The transparent clear fissure sealant Helioseal Clear is a light-curing, transparent fissure sealant. The low viscosity of Helioseal Clear ensures optimum esthetic results and easy monitoring of fi


Proxyt pastes - targeted, gentle, reliable The new Proxyt pastes clean more effectively, yet still very gently. Unnecessary abrasion of tooth structure or roughening of restorations is prevented. T


Multiple protection for hypersensitive teeth Through a synergistic combination of mechanisms, VivaSens protects exposed cervicals from external stimuli. A film-like varnish seals the root surfaces,


In order to stay healthy, teeth need to be supplied with small amounts of fluoride throughout their lifetime. The administration of fluoride through brushing with toothpaste must be often supplemented


Systemp.desensitizer is suitable for conditioning and desensitizing exposed or cut dentin. Systemp.desensitizer may reduce the sensitivity to pain by up to 50%, both during the temporary phase and

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